News & Events Tony Krol X Michelle Sawyer

Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol are a husband / wife team working in Tampa Florida under the moniker Illsol. The name “Illsol” combines “Sawyer, Krol” while referencing the spanish word for “sun” (noting Michelle’s half-cuban heritage) and prefixed with a term made popular by the Beastie Boys, or something like that.

Michelle’s work is clean-lined, often symmetrical, and bold, while Tony’s work is often distressed, layered, and muted at times. Their work together is in the realm of large murals and installation projects in which final pieces are subtly textured with overlaying clear images and bold lines.

Illsol Space: In 2017 Illsol started a contemporary art gallery in Tampa Heights to give local and international artists a fresh artist-curated place to show work. The goal of the venue is to build up the existing local art community and provide a way for Tampa Bay to be exposed to quality art through a laid-back experience. Classes, workshops, and events for children will also be a part of the monthly schedule of events. Giving back to the community they live and work in is a priority.