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Inflorescence Installation image Inflorescence Installation image Inflorescence Installation image Inflorescence Installation image

Illsol paints a full room installation at Mergeculture Gallery.

In celebration of the spring equinox of 2021, Illsol painted a colorful floral room with geometric shapes broken up with floral elements. The purpose of this exhibit was to celebrate a new fourth Friday Block Party, called Bloom on Franklin, and provide an immersive room to celebrate new growth, and the changes in global consciousness as the world progresses from the effects of a pandemic.

Inflorescence is a full room of painted flowers murals on interior walls, to provide a beautiful space that celebrates the energy of new growth. Indigenous tribes and cultures celebrated the Equinox in many ways, but our current societal norms have disconnected us with nature. With many of us now living in the middle of cities, consumed with news, current events and our day to day hustle, we forget to take a pause and recognize that that we live on a planet floating in space that is perfectly spaced between other planetary bodies regulating gravity in perfect balance to keep us alive. Spring blooms represent natural regrowth and rebirth that coincide with the position of our planet in the solar system. This exhibit provides an amazing backdrop to become immersed in for the spring months leading up to summer.

Print Release - Inflorescence Embellished Screen Prints

Illsol released a series of screen prints to commemorate the exhibit and keep it alive long after it is painted over. You can purchase the prints on the website.