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illsol is an artist based in Tampa, Florida. The name is pronounced (ee-sol). The name means Illuminated Soul or The Sun. The artist looks at the process of creating work as an ever-evolving process of presence.

Illsol started as the name Illusionz in 1996 and became Illsol through many iterations through the years. In 2014 Illsol created as a duo, and since 2021 the artist has produced solo work. The style: Clean-lined work, often symmetrical, and bold, combined with distressed, layered, and muted textures is what makes the work of Illsol unique. Illsol portrays elements of contemporary street textures from a background in stencil artwork, graffiti roots and foundation, to rendered aerosol portraits and illustrations that are intermixed between solid swaths of color.

Mergeculture Gallery: In 2017 Illsol started a contemporary art gallery in Tampa Heights to give local and international artists a fresh artist-curated place to show work. The goal of the venue is to build connections in the contemporary art world to expose Tampa to quality art through a laid-back experience. The space has hosted shows featuring artwork from internationally known contemporary artists as well as established Tampa bay area artists such as Justin Wagher, Jujmo, Bekky Beukkes, Palehorse, Tes One. The space has also shown work by muralists such as Sentrock and many others. Illsol also formed Heights Walls, which is a community mural initiative that helps to grow neighborhood connections through public art installations. Giving back to the community they live and work in is a priority.