Projects TPA Mural in Westshore

TPA Mural in Westshore image TPA Mural in Westshore image TPA Mural in Westshore image TPA Mural in Westshore image


This project represents thinking of one another, in business... in ideas, and adapting for the greater good of humanity, it also represents change and progress.

The number 7:

The paper airplane represents a large idea, and unity. There are 7 smaller airplanes, representing smaller ideas that don't come to fruition, or failures, and the number 7 is a sacred number. We won't go into the many ways the number 7 is represented in the universe from sacred geometry, and the positive creative force, but there are plenty of ways to research its significance on your own if you're curious about them...

The number 4:

There are four butterflies; symbolizing hope, change, endurance and the soul. In the human experience, the number four connects mind, body, and spirit with the physical world.

The number 4:

The child's hand throwing a paper airplane represents new ideas... And the sequence represents the four stages of growth, or developing intellect.


The natural elements and plants represent the Earth and the natural order of things. Paying attention to nature, as we design communities, businesses, and actions will create positive outcomes. Nature has a perfect, regulatory balance. Nature also provides good design. Paying attention to the natural world when solving human problems, or presenting solutions usually provides sound answers and examples. In addition, it is possible to integrate local natural wonders into property design. For instance working with landscape architects to promote and attract pollinators and work with non-invasive species of plants.

Significance of locality:

TPA represents the significance of the Tampa International Airport and its role in Tampa's growth.

The sun rays represent change, and a better future. The outline of Westshore is present, underneath the symbolic imagery in hopes to bring good positive energy to this district, and property, and our city. Our hope is that businesses move forward to think more holistically. It's not always about the bottom line. It's about humanity. The greater good, and the intent, and focus on this will make business work.

This is the future for us all.